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    As you already know I follow a vegan diet, based on plants, and without any product that comes from animals. I want to share my shopping list with you, since many people ask me how during the day or if it does not bore me to always eat the same things or that they would like to start with a vegan lifestyle but they do not know how to start. I personally love to go shopping, choose the fruits and vegetables that I want for the week and have meal ideas that I can prepare with them. First I always go to a local store for fresh and deliciouuus fruits…

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    As a woman, it has taken me a while to understand how important and natural menstruation is and to have a healthy and pleasant relationship with her. I had never felt comfortable during my menstrual days using “typical” and common products. So, one day I decided to investigate and read about other more natural and ecological methods and I discovered this wonder. Believe me if I tell you that the menstrual cup has changed my life … You are still many girls and women who do not know all the advantages and benefits of its use and I am sure that when you try it you will not return to…