About me


Hi! My name is Alba, I’m from Mallorca, Spain. I love to be surrounded by nature, the sun, the sea and island lifestyle. I have always felt passionate about travelling, everywhere, at any time and accompanied or not, it’s always a good experience!! 

I like to nourish myself with healthy, fresh and natural food that the earth provides me. I can’t be more grateful for the day that I decided to go vegan, and everything that comes with it.

 A few years ago I bought a book about Yoga and from that day I started my journey, at home, just me and my book. It’s amazing how good I feel after every practice.

So, at the end of 2016, I went trough some big changes in my life. I was feeling lost. Luckily I was still practicing yoga and meditation every day at home and that helped me to be present and focus on what I wanted.

In December I decided to book a ticket to Bali and make my first solo trip. I remember everybody telling me that I was crazy for travelling alone as a woman of 20 years old to the other side of the world. But, the truth, I wasn’t feeling scared of anything that they told me and I was convinced that I was following my intuition. So, in January, I took my backpack and I started my adventure.

I had the best month of my life. I was doing yoga classes almost every day, visiting amazing places, eating the best vegan food, meeting the kindest and lovely people and enjoying every single moment. It’s crazy how much I learnt and discovered about myself in 1 month.


After this trip I was not the same Alba. I became more conscious about everything. I was feeling grateful for every single thing that I had in my life. It was the most nourishing experience and I knew that I was going to go back to this special and beautiful island as soon as I could.



How we met??

It was the end of May of 2017 and I had a few days free from work and I decided to drive to the other side of my island and spent all day on a beach that I had never been to before as I wanted to explore a new area. Some people don’t like to go alone to the beach but I love it! I found a perfect secret rock where I was relaxing, eating, and writing, completely unaware what life was going to bring to me on this day.

At some point during the afternoon an English man decided to join me on that secret rock and after catching each others eye a few times he decided to start a conversation with “Hola! Do you speak English?” Hahaha and luckily “Yes, of course…” was my answer.
We talked about everything for many hours until we realised that the sun had already set and it was starting to be dark but both of us were super interested in the others history so he asked me if I wanted to go dinner with him. We both knew that there was that soul connection.

We spent the rest of that week together because he was there on holiday and then he had to go back to work in England at the end of the week.
The last day, we made a promise to keep in touch and see where this would go.
Within 5 minutes of getting home he booked a new flight to come back to Mallorca.      The rest of the summer was spent travelling to and from each other as much as we could during our free days from work. It was not easy, but always worth it!

In October, after I finished my job, we took our first trip together to Ibiza. During this week we decided that we wanted to travel and explore this beautiful world together as a lifestyle so we decided that we were going to sell everything and make it work. So, I moved to England while he sold everything that he owned and by December he quit his job and we both came back to Spain for Christmas and New Year with my family.

The second week of January we started our dream life moving to Bali with our backpacks and full of excitement.

This is where you join us!

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